Sterilizer for the Institute for Orthopedic Surgery Banjica

On 15th March 2011 arrived sterilizer from factory in Rome for the Institute for Orthopedic Surgery Banjica. It is Cisa one door steam sterilizer mark 3270 with direct steam as well as its own steam generator.

Since the sterilizer arrived, it was necessary to prepare the ground for its installation. Our service technicians are involved in the preparation of the foot of the sterilizer, as well as adapting to a place where the sterilizer is located, water conections, central distribution of steam, electricity, sewage.

As the preparatory work complited, it moved to the installation of the sterilizer. Sterilizer is successfully transported within the Institute using only manual forklift, thanks to its compact size.

After placing the sterilizer to the previous custom build frame, connection of electricity, water, sewage etc is committed. All relevant tests were carried (bowie and dick, leakage test, cold probe). There was training for the responsible staff for use of the device and the sterilizer was submitted for further use.