Servicing sterilization department in Special hospital Dr. Vaso Ćuković

By the end of April 2011 we got a call to service central sterilization department in Special hospital Dr. Vaso Cukovic in Risan, Montenegro. After agreement with hospital administration we went to estimate condition, determin malfunctions and suggest possible solution. Serviced sterilizers are from domestic producer Sutjeska. On first view, could be observed that the inside of sterilizers rather neglected and with signs of poor maintenance. That condition of sterilizer is not acceptable. It had to be replaced, cleared and brought in previously condition most parts of sterilizer.

So that in both sterilizers were changed elements in electric box and they were put so they can be easy available for maintenance in future. Entire pipe installation is changed and built-in pipes are stainless steel. Validation was performed, calibration and changing of all manometers, manovacumeters, pressure switchs and piston valves on need. Chamber and steam generators were tested with heaters which turned out to be in good condition. New bactericidal filters and sealing rubber for doors were placed. There were performed sterilization correctness tests and sterilizers were hand over to the further use.