The principles of needle-free injection (or “jet injection”) has been known for over fifty years. During that time more than one hundred patents have been issued for device based on this technique.
In spite of this activity, very few instruments have been commercialized in the marketplace.
James Stuart Parson had almost two decades experience in needle-free development and held numerious patents pertaining to medical devices and navigation systems. He developed HYPEX Jet Injector for which the FDA clearance was received in June 1999.
The Injex system was advancement of the HYPEX Jet Injector. In  accordance to the arrangement, Rosch Medizintechnik obtained the rights to distribute Injex jet injection system.
In second half of the year 1999 Rosch signed manufacturer contracts for a re-engineering of the Injex with its suppliers.
Rosch expanded the scope of its certified quality management system to a full quality management system according ISO 9001 / EN 46001. Manufacture of the Injex started in the mid of the year 2000.
Injex Pharma Gmbh was founded in January 2006.