Steam sterilizer

CISA Italy S.p.a.


Free standing, high pressure steam sterilizer

Fully automatic PLC-microprocessor controlled

Touch Screen tehcnology for control and display of cycle selection and display cycle parameters (temperature, pressure, time, phase in progress, cycle parameter management, alarm history and reset, real time diagram and steam saturation percentage)

Pre programmed and set of open programmables cycles

Chamber, jacket and door made of stainless steal AISI 316 Ti

External body in stainless steel

Built-in printer for cycle documentation

Built-in vacuum pump for pre-vacuum air removal and for final drying

High safety level, audio-visual alarm with alarm history and self-check

Preventive maintenance program

  • 230-400 V, 3Ph, 50-60 Hz
  • CE marked
  • Sterilization cycle:
  • Instrument cycle 134 C
  • Thermal sensitive products cysle 121 C
  • Liquid cycle 121 C
  • Flash cycle 134 C
  • Bowie & Dick test cycle
  • Vacuum leak test cycle
  • 20 programmable cycles
  • Application:
  • HB: Hospital basic
  • L/S: Laboratory/Stabularum
  • Door execution:
  • 1P: Single door
  • 2P: Double door
  • Door movement:
  • SV: Manual vertical sliding
  • Heating:
  • E: Built-in steam generator
  • V: External steam
  • EV: Combination with external and steam generator